Museum Relocations



Looking to move a collection of historic masterpieces, artifacts, or specimens? Whether you have 1 item, a custom collection or an entire museum inventory, Moving Solutions has a proven track record in relocating museum items safely and successfully. For more than a decade, we've developed specific methodologies for the safe packing and transportation of items from historical specimens and archival records, to entire museum exhibits.

Handle With Care

When planning your museum move to a new location, we ensure the transport of priceless artefacts and archives are meticulously handled, to include:

. careful handling of delicate / fragile items
. specialty packaging to SSA standards
. secure transportation I/A/W Government Arts & Artifacts Indemnity Program
. controlled and secured storage - if required

Museum Moves...In A Class Of Their Own

Very few moves match the intricacies and risks associated with museum relocations. We understand the value of history and culture, preserving our past and keeping history alive. We are a trusted / experienced team that will handle every item as one-of-a-kind, and therefore treat them as valued / irreplaceable items. This special care and attention is given to every item we handle.

We can assure you that each and every item is protected throughout your move and reaches its new destination in the same condition as when it left. This special care and attention is given to every item we handle.

We're privileged to have had the opportunity to work on many museum relocation projects, to include the New Mexico History Museum. Our impeccable track record has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trusted move partner.

We'd welcome the chance to work with you on any future move projects you may have scheduled. CALL 505-877-0704