Laboratory Relocations



To The Uninformed, Moving A Lab is 'Just Another Move'.

To the uniformed, moving a lab might seem like ‘just another move. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The challenges of moving a lab can be daunting for the inexperienced. It's far more than just the physical transportation of glassware, samples, reagents, instruments and more.

Each lab relocation has its’ own set of complex procedures, precise timelines and relocation schedules. It also requires great care in the handling and transporting analytical instrumentation. Entrusting the experience and resources of a lab relocation company can relieve the pressure and make moving your lab a successful endeavor.

It’s All About The Details

Whether you’re renovating and existing lab, moving or consolidating laboratory operations, the relocation can be complex and costly…and every detail is critical to the success of the move. As a result, retaining the services of a professional / experienced moving company that understands the intricacies of this type of project is a prudent decision.

Laboratory Relocations - REDEFINED


When undertaking the important task of a major laboratory relocation, whether in whole or in part, proper planning can make the difference between success and failure. Laboratory relocation is never routine. No two laboratories are alike, and they all have specific challenges that should be approached with care when attempting to transport to another location.

It's All About Planning

. Inventory / asset preparation
. Regulatory documentation review
. Disassembly and packing of instruments
. Physical transfer of lab to destination site

Moving Solutions has extensive experience moving labs. We use specialized equipment to guarantee that all tagged pieces arrive safely at the destination, and our knowledgeable team members make sure they’re aware of any special handling procedures before executing the move.

We do more than just move lab equipment! We can deliver a complete lab relocation, a single instrument move, or anything in between. We provide a comprehensive process for moving everything in your lab.

Moving Solutions will provide you with the support, from pre-move planning through post delivery validation.