Library Relocations


Moving Solutions "wrote the book" When It Comes To Library Transitions

Our company "wrote the book" when it comes to library relocations. With every change to a library collection, comes the requirement to securely transition collections to new spaces, annexes, or even to a new location (locally or regionally) . Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of your project, Move Solutions will create a custom transition plan that meets your needs.

The goal of any library relocation project is to safely transition your collections with ‘kid gloves’. Whether you’re moving a collection of books, journals, or any other institutional treasures, if required…we can also provide an audit-able chain of custody ensuring your collections are securely transported and are safely delivered to their new location.


Your Dedicated - Local and Regional Mover

Given the scope of our moving activities are dedicated to both local and regional projects, this focus provides us the increased ability to offer greater efficiency by virtue of our local team members who understand your region so as to draft a proposal tailored to your specifications. We offer comprehensive solutions at every step of your move.  We take the handling and relocation of your collection very seriously.



Whether you need to move a private collection, or a large scale public library, we’ll ensure every step of your relocation is monitored and completed as promised. Our quality moving equipment and impeccably clean trucks will be used to transport books, equipment, furniture and more to your new location.

When it comes to moving a library, museum, or lab, precision is key. Our experienced team members will use proper labeling and color coding techniques to keep your collection thoroughly organized throughout the journey. Whether you’re moving your library to an adjoined annex, the other site of town or another state, we're up to the task.

The Art of Library Relocation

When it comes to library relocations, Moving Solutions has the experience, tools and work ethic needed to map your collection, create a space plan for the new location and relocate your books, documents, shelving and all other existing items without disrupting the flow of your activities.

If you’re planning a library relocation, we’d love to talk with you about your project.

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