Office Moving

Moving Solutions specializes in commercial relocation. We can provide all the packing materials, trucks, and labor required to relocate your office quickly and safely. We set up pre-move planning services and advise our customers about a number of common things to consider when moving. We pride ourselves on not cutting any corners. All furniture is adequately padded and protected in the trucks and, when necessary, we provide a wide range of building protection materials to ensure that both the old and new locations are damage-free after the move.

Systems Furniture

Moving Solutions employs a skilled crew of installers who are familiar with all brands of systems furniture. We can provide space planning services as well as perform teardowns, setups, and reconfigurations. We also handle furniture services, such as raising and lowering work surfaces, installing or uninstalling keyboard trays, etc.


Moving Solutions has extensive experience moving labs. We use multiple specialized pieces of equipment to guarantee that all equipment and instrumentation arrives safely at the destination. Our knowledgeable crews make sure that they are aware of any special handling procedures before moving any item.


Very few moves match the intricacies and risks associated with museum relocations. Moving Solutions understands these risks and works closely with our customers to make certain that every special circumstance is addressed and every potential problem accounted for. When it comes to pieces of fine art, each item is truly one-of-a-kind and we treat each piece as such. The necessary special care and attention are given to every item we handle. We pride ourselves on being flexible and doing our best to meet and exceed each one of our customers' needs and expectations.


Our company "wrote the book" when it comes to library relocations. Librarians have a lot on their plate while dealing with a move. Administrative duties and other responsibilities require most of their time. Moving Solutions makes the moving of furniture and books the easy part. Our equipment and experienced personnel are invaluable in completing library moves on time and on budget. We work with our customers to devise a labeling system that is efficient and effective. Our approach is as involved as our customers necessitate. We can simply provide equipment, trucks, and labor, or get more involved in space planning, working on logistics, etc.


Moving Solutions provides distribution services for several high-end furniture companies. Our service area includes all of New Mexico as well as southern Colorado. As items are delivered to our warehouse, we receive them in and manage the large inventory of items that are kept in our building until the customer is ready for delivery. Our distribution manager coordinates the scheduling of deliveries and tracking of each item's status. Once a date and time are confirmed, our trained crews deliver and assemble the items in our customers' homes. This service requires a precise attention to detail and an efficient system to coordinate deliveries for such a large amount of individual customers.